Jan 30, 2010

Linen Closet Organization

This is my linen closet. It's not too messy (I think) but stuff looks like it's thrown in there.
You see all the bed linen, mixed in with the towels?
And all the "extra" stuff hanging around the bottom?

So I started taking everything out of the closet and started throwing things that I haven't used in years....

I used 2 plastic bins on the bottom and it holds body washes, shampoo, extra toothbrush and toothpastes. I have a closet in the basement that holds all my stockpiles but everytime when I run out of items I would have to run all the way down 3 flights of stairs... That's a long way. So, I just have some extras up here.
The 2nd shelf holds the towels and the toilet tissue (just throw them in a cute little basket).

The towels goes with the towels and the bed linen goes with the bed linens.

Ahhh, I have the pillow cases on the shelf on top of the towels which is on top of the bed sheets??? I think that needs to be changed around. Pillow case should hang out with the bed sheets. Don't you think?
Then do you see the top shelve? That's where I keep the bath rug and toilet seat cover. Unopened towels and sheets.
Yeah!!! I'm making progress in having a organized home....

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