Jan 4, 2010


The new year is here and it is time for me to declutter my house. Here is what I have done so far.

  • Put away the Christmas Tree
  • Gather old christmas ornaments and decoration to give away
  • Cleaned part of the attic so I can organize my Christmas stuff
  • Cleaned out the kitchen drawers and never knew I have about 40-50 knives.... (do we really need that many???)
  • Set out a donate basket filled with all the stuff from above
  • Cleaned and got rid of all the curculars/magzines/ and school papers off my desk
  • Started with my first house organizer binder - (I am so excited about this)
  • Added curtains and a little table to my 2nd to 3rd floor landing
Wow I've done alot so far but there are so much more to do. Here is this years to do list (o.k. it might take longer but it's a start)

  • Finish cleaning the attic
  • Convert the semi finished basement to my daughter's room
  • Fix the basement bathroom
  • Change all the basement closet doors (they are all falling apart)
  • Update the laundry room
  • Paint the stairs from the basement to the 1st floor - I already ripped up the carpet
  • Rip the rest of the carpet on the stair leading from the first floor to the 2nd floor
  • Totally gut the kitchen and install cabinets and new appliance
  • Rip the panels and the old 60's/70's gold mirrors in the living room
  • Convert my daughter's old room to my sons room
Whew, I think that's it so far I might have more but I can't think now.

Here are some picture to show how much work I have to do.

Here is my daughter's old room very girl. Now it's going to be converted to my son's room.
The stair going from the first floor to the second floor. Boring.....

Urghhh, the stairs. need I say more??? and look at that ugly carpet... yucky..
Here's the basement. Clutter and don't mind the kids back there. All they wanted to do was play with all the junk that was laying around.
The attic where I put everything thing. Boxes and bags full of stuff.

I am excited to start my long renovation project.

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Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Well your basement looks better than mine!! Good luck!

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