Sep 16, 2009

Magazine organization

I subscribe to alot of magazine. All You, Coastal Living, Renovation Style, BHG, Family Circle, MS Living, Traditional Homes, Woman's Day to name a few. I also have the parenting and family ones. But what do you do with all those magazine that piles up month after month??

I tried to rip the pages that I want to keep and store them in a binder but that didn't work to well. I never remember to put them in the binder, it alway end up piling on my table. So that was no use.

Piles, Piles, Piles.....

It was getting way out of hand, there were just magazine everywhere so what did I do?

I use this nifty thing (my printer, scanning and copier - love it) and scanned all the ideas, recipe, tips and tricks that I wanted to keep and saved it on an external hard drive that I use to store all the family pictures.

Yes, paperless is the way I (the family) is going.

I can actually see the floor and shelves again....

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I'm just the MOM said...

Great idea! I am so stealing this from you :)

The Peachy Papaya Family


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