Sep 12, 2009

Diaper Cake

One of our friends is going to have a baby this Oct and today was their baby shower. For the past couple of weeks I was searching high and low for ideas on what I can make for them. So what's better than a cake made out of diapers??? My first attempt and I might say I did pretty good.

They are having a boy, but I didn't want to do the traditional blue. So I choose chocolate brown and beige with a hint of yellow and green. Topped it off with ribbons wrapped around some baby powder, baby wash, baby lotion, baby oil and q-tips. I also wrapped receiving blankets on the outside (that's where the green and yellow comes in). Then I made a plaque with the word "Baby" on it with ribbons as ties.

I came across a blog recently "The Idea Room" and this is where I found direction for making bath salt and brown sugar scrub. Check her out she has some amazing idea's.

The diaper cake is for the new baby and mommy deserve a little gift too. They are fun and easy to make.

I had a great day today and is wishing that this little baby bring joy and happiness to their parents.

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**Amy** said...

Those turned out great! I have been wanting to make a diaper cake! I love your colors!

Life Happens said...

Very cute diaper cake. I've always wanted to make one, but haven't been brave enough to do it.

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