Jul 5, 2009

Seashell, Seashell....

I wanted to create this project from Cindy at My Romantic Home for a long time. I never got around to do it but I as I was roaming around at the dollar store yesterday I found all the material I needed and what's better to spend so little and create so big.
And this is what I created:
I didn't want to put a bow on top because I like the way how the ribbons hang down so I created a loop on the back with the twine that came with the bag of shells and to cover up the area where I glued I added a small seashell to cover.

The cost:
Seashell 2 bags: $2.00
Foam wreath :$1
Martha Stewart Ribbon (AC Moore sale): $1
Total cost : $4.00

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Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That looks great! I just made another one too and I'm posting it on my blog tomorrow. I bought some of my stuff at the dollar store too!

Twice Remembered said...

I love this - so sweet and it looks to be simple to make. Great job!

Thanks for sharing this in this week's Make Your Monday and I hope you'll be back to share more in the future!


That's a sweet project. I think now I know what to do with my shell collection. Thanks for sharing!!

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