Jul 5, 2009


The chairs in my dinning room are from Ikea and so far I have been happy with them. (it's the only item from Ikea so far that I'm happy with) It's sturdy enough for my kids to not fall over while wiggly on them and it's plain enough for me... But now I want more... Who doesn't?
Here is the before picture.... yes, yes I know it's lime green.... I though it was a fun color for my kids but they really didn't care much for the color so this is how it looks like now:

much better...

But my mission is to turn my house to look like hers. (o.k not exactly like hers but I use her as inspiration) I love her white theme everything is just so neat and clean. I am done with Ikea and is off to find thrifty Sunday finds to fill my house with style...

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