Nov 12, 2008

Max and Ruby

As my 4 yr old and I was sitting here this morning waiting for school to start this was our conversation:

Me: "Where's Max and Ruby's mom and dad?"
4yr: "They have their grandma"
Me: "So where's their mom and dad?"
4yr: "Well....They work alot..."

Isn't it great how the young mind think?


Susie Harris said...

I wonder the same things too... sweet Max... cute Ruby. I grew up on Charlie Brown. I have yet to figure out why the adults talked weird. I asked my Mom and she just said " just cause they do". What kind of answer is that I thought. Well now I know... you just dont know, smile. Take care and hug those babies... they grow fast~

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Oh my read my mind. My 3 year old is obsessed with Max and Ruby, so we watch alot of it. I am constantly thinking, "where are their parents?" Ruby should not be bathing Max, taking him shopping, riding the city bus, making cakes, etc. How old is she? Maybe 7 or 8. We love those little bunnies and they are so cute, but really...I think it's high time someone called child protective services:-)

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