Sep 28, 2008

Chocolate Lollipop Cake.... Oh.... so YUMMY!!!!

So, I have been a blog reader lately and is totally obsess with learning all the arts and crafts, sewing, decorating and cooking tutorials that is out there.

I came across this great blog Bakerella where she makes some great and yummy looking lollipop cakes... They are so cute and precious that I made some myself. But, it didn't really come out like what she had so here it goes.....

But it sure is yummy.... Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the one's that I coated with my homemade Buttercream frosting....
But never fear I'm going to try try and try again to make it look pretty.... :)


Melanie said...

Some of my most delicious treats have been the ones that don't look the greatest. I think it's better that're not afraid to eat it!!!! By the way... I think your Lollipop cakes are adorable!!

Big Yee Yee said...

They look very cute and yummy too. I think im going to give it a try on Sammies bday :)

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