Nov 30, 2010

Have you try to tackle more than one room at a time?

Have you ever tried to tackle more than one room at a time? Well, crazy me have been doing that for the pass couple of week. My daughter's bedroom, the living room and my lovely kitchen that was put on hold. (ready to tackle it again)....Yay!!!!
So here is a preview of what have been started so far. 

Prepping the living room for a new coat of paint
My living room was a pale grey boring color for the pass 5 years. When I say boring I mean BORING. There were no life, no joy, no wow factor at all. I have always like the neutral colors because I always thought that it was the safest and easiest to match furniture color. But, when you have 3 crazy kids running around the house you will find all the little hand print and pencil, marker and pen marks all over the house that was put there "by mistake"..... That'a what the kids say...

More to come....

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