Aug 10, 2010

Kitchen.... Kitchen.... Kitchen....

So, I finally decided to start redoing my kitchen. You see, I have moved into this house about 6 years ago and moved into a 1960/1970 kitchen. The appliances is yellow... ughhh. Not a pretty sight.

You see the yellow oven and dishwasher. 

Well, over the weekend I started cleaning the wall but this is what I found underneath the wall.

Wallpaper, ugly painted wallpaper. 

You see the brown and yellow design. Ugly I tell you.
So I started ripping it up and luckily it was so old that it just came right off. 

I also took the molding off the doorway. I think I'm just going to leave it the way it is and cover up the wood part up. 

I have so much more to do. I'm actually scared that it's going to look horrible after I finish. 

Inspiration take me away.... 

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