Jan 11, 2009

Walgreen 1/9 again.....

Sorry no pictures...

4 Cereal 4/$10 - 1 (Q 4x) = 6 get 3RR
4 garnier $2.99 - 1 (Q) - 2 (IVC) = Free
6 Reese Whip bar 2/1.69 - 1 (3x) = 2.07

Total OOP= 8.03 + 1.43 tax + Back $3RR

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Joy said...

Okay, hopefully you check this blog on occasion so that you can read my answer about what I did with the edges of my granite counter top. We just finished them with bullnose tile that I found at the thrift store. I personally like the mismatched look, but if you prefer a more uniform, solid granite look, all you need to do is cut the tiles into shorter widths of 2-3 inches and use those for the side edges.

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